The Reno Writer’s Collective will serve as an open forum for writers to publish their work, comment on other author’s projects and in return receive help with their own ideas. Once invited to the forum you are free to publish anything you’re working on from poems to short stories. However, content will be curated by the site editors who will ensure that the quality of the work is thought provoking, creative and worth the read. The Collective’s goal is to foster written creativity within a unique chorus of voices from the Reno/Tahoe area.

Members of the site must: Publish, Comment and Critique.

Publish: Get your work out in cyberspace! Simple as that, post your poems, short stories, long stories, weird stories, fun vignettes, travel pieces, rants, raves and love letters. Oh, how we love a good love letter. This is a place to be noticed for the creativity bursting through your temples.

Comment: Read a funny story or sexy poem? Let the author know what you think! Engage with others! Make someone’s day with a compliment or smiley face. Show the love.

Critique: Take your comments one step further and offer thoughtful critique on someone’s work. This type of comment goes beyond the “I like this!” stage, to the “I like where you’re going with this but maybe you could…” stage. Critique is meant to foster growth in the community. Sometimes a suggestion or disagreement could be all someone needs to take their writing to the next level.


We want more authors! If you’re an aspiring RWC participant please email us at with two samples of your writing. Send us anything! A haiku, a personal narrative, a funny list, the first chapter of your book, whatever you want! Chances are, you’ll hear back from us in a few days with a username for the site.





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