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The Deer Bone by the Creek by Eileen Driscoll

The Deer Bone by the Creek Granite found it on a woodswalk. He is my dog, a mix, the labrador psyche with Australian Shepherd coat of black and gray, Granite.  A rough and tumble, Tahoe dog.   He was rambling in front of me, as usual, on the trail we take by Alder Creek, the Emigrant … Continue reading

Ira Glass on Storytelling

If you’ve ever listened to This American Life from NPR you can appreciate the wonderful stories they tell on the show. Ira Glass is the host and he has a great series of Youtube videos where he talks about how they create their stories. He’s talking specifically about producing a radio show, but I think … Continue reading

A Short Story by Margo Vigeant

Can we fix it? Yes we can!             Home sweet home. I don’t mean mansions, two stories, cabins, resorts, or cabanas. A home is a part of you and is like a sanctuary, a place where you can walk into your bedroom after a rough day, and know that you’re in ‘your own home.’ Home … Continue reading

A Short Story by Griffin Peralta

A note from the curator- Thanks to Mr. Peralta for submitting the RWC’s first short story!  Trepidation by Griffin Peralta  Sitting at the end of my bed, legs folded, he appears as both Quaker and Plague Doctor. His features, while hidden, present a perception of both Austerity and Altruism. His face, or perhaps his body, … Continue reading