Greetings Reader!

Here’s a little information about the RWC…

There is a chorus of talented writers in the Reno Tahoe area, but places to publish your work are few and far between. It might be easy to get published in the professional sphere. You could work for a school newspaper or freelance for a local magazine, but what if you’re a closet-poet secretly aching for someone to read your work and help you hone your craft? The Reno Writer’s Collective is for those secret story writers who keep their ideas locked in journals that no one will ever read. We want to publish your work and know that there are eyes reading what you have to offer.

If our authors are the lock, participation is key.

The second element of the Collective is participation. Once you’ve published something on the site, it is imperative that you also help critique and comment on other work. What goes around comes around in this party. If you want to receive help with ideas, nurture other authors too. We hope that thoughtful critique will foster interesting conversations that help all parties involved. Everyone likes a pat on the back every now and then, so make sure you’re letting other people know you appreciate their work.

The Reno Writer’s Collective wants to exhibit the musings of writers in our area who are as colorful and quirky as the beautiful city we live in.

Like Mark Twain said in 1887, “It is no use to keep private information which you can’t show off.”

If you’d like more information please email the RWC’s curator, Austin Wallis, at renowriterscollective@gmail.com. Thanks!




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