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A poem by published author Thomas Lloyd Qualls

*Note from the curator: Big thanks to TQ for allowing us to reprint poems and musings from his book Waking up at Rembrant’s. I am in love with his work and can’t wait to share more. Keep an eye out for two more posts feature Qualls’ words!

Here is the first poem:

words: study 5

by Thomas Lloyd Qualls

we do not create words, we discover them.

words have their own identities, their own minds, their own sense of purpose.

right and wrong, left and right, true north.

we build fences to contain them, they slip through the rails.

we lock them in their rooms, they move through walls.

they hide under beds, smoke cigarettes in bathrooms.

they eat junk food, read dirty magazines. fornicate with other words.

we call words to the table. but they may not answer or they may not eat.

words play with their food.

if you kill their spirit, they die. lying flat on the page, translucent.

the dna of words cannot be mapped. there‘s only a probability of words.

words fold space. bend time. outrun light.


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One thought on “A poem by published author Thomas Lloyd Qualls

  1. I love this.

    Posted by Brian | February 4, 2012, 4:39 pm

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