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Holiday Cheer!

Hi Everyone! Happy Holidays from the Reno Writers’ Collective! During this festive time of year I am so thankful for the bounty of support and interest this project has garnered over the past few months. Thank you to all the writers who have contributed content to the RWC, and all the friends who have made … Continue reading

The Deer Bone by the Creek by Eileen Driscoll

The Deer Bone by the Creek Granite found it on a woodswalk. He is my dog, a mix, the labrador psyche with Australian Shepherd coat of black and gray, Granite.  A rough and tumble, Tahoe dog.   He was rambling in front of me, as usual, on the trail we take by Alder Creek, the Emigrant … Continue reading

A Poem by Greg Nielsen

Thanks for the great poem Greg! Hope you all enjoy…. Snowflakes melting on a fiery altar A Sunday cheese omelette And five cups of black coffee Warm sun, red leaves. Strolling through a campus labyrinth. I’m home inside myself. Here among the brick, mortar, and brains. Words drift like windless snowflakes Through my head and … Continue reading

Ira Glass on Storytelling

If you’ve ever listened to This American Life from NPR you can appreciate the wonderful stories they tell on the show. Ira Glass is the host and he has a great series of Youtube videos where he talks about how they create their stories. He’s talking specifically about producing a radio show, but I think … Continue reading

Desert Rat Rants: “Rants from the Hill” by Michael Branch

*Note from the curator- UNR professor, Michael Branch, writes a monthly blog “Rants from the Hill” for High Country News. He has graciously allowed us to reprint some of his desert rat ravings on the RWC website! He’s hilarious and well worth the read. Take a quick look of the first few paragraphs from this … Continue reading

A poem by published author Thomas Lloyd Qualls

*Note from the curator: Big thanks to TQ for allowing us to reprint poems and musings from his book Waking up at Rembrant’s. I am in love with his work and can’t wait to share more. Keep an eye out for two more posts feature Qualls’ words! Here is the first poem: words: study 5 by … Continue reading

Poem by Ricky De La Rosa

we descended I-80 as the orange crescent skyline approached another Reno sunrise running from yesterday leaving the hazy glow of our aftermath washing away the scatter plot of stars on our black silk tent of skullduggery we wanted to run to extend the night that was meant to last forever before the dawn cracked us … Continue reading

A Short Story by Margo Vigeant

Can we fix it? Yes we can!             Home sweet home. I don’t mean mansions, two stories, cabins, resorts, or cabanas. A home is a part of you and is like a sanctuary, a place where you can walk into your bedroom after a rough day, and know that you’re in ‘your own home.’ Home … Continue reading

RWC in the Press!

Greetings everyone! The Reno News and Review published an article about the RWC today! Big thanks to Megan Berner for writing: Write Hook !!!! I am thrilled that we’re receiving more exposure about this project. YAY! If you’re new to the site and you would like to submit some written work, please email with one or … Continue reading