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This project is receiving attention from some very amazing people in this town. More writers have been submitting their work and so far it is wonderful, thoughtful, interesting and creative stuff…more than I could have asked for!

If you’re a writer and you’ve seen the “Call for Submissions” flyers around town/campus please know that I’m accepting any and all kinds of written work. Short stories, poems, haikus, love letters, notes on napkins, rants, raves and musings…Anything you’d like to share with the world. I’m hoping that the RWC becomes a platform where local people can put there STUFF out there. We don’t have a forum like this in the Truckee Meadows, and I believe it needs to happen.

So, EMAIL! I’ll read it, love it, and publish it.

We are not publishing any of the content until we get our site fixed up and looking fresh. Manny from the creative studio at 720 Tahoe Street is the web designer and he’s doing an amazing job figuring out all the technical bells and whistles. Without him I’d be lost in technology wilderness. THANKS MANNY!!!!

That’s all for now, folks.


Austin Wallis

RWC Curator


About renowriterscollective

aspiring writer, thoughtful thinker, dance floor prancer, RWC curator


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