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A Short Story by Griffin Peralta

A note from the curator- Thanks to Mr. Peralta for submitting the RWC’s first short story!  Trepidation by Griffin Peralta  Sitting at the end of my bed, legs folded, he appears as both Quaker and Plague Doctor. His features, while hidden, present a perception of both Austerity and Altruism. His face, or perhaps his body, … Continue reading

Untimely Meditations by Michael Moberly

Untimely Mediations by Michael Moberly I was a beast and you were serving up my supper as I drank deep from the shallow pools of your left over love my snakes ran up your spine and into your moonless nights sinful and exploitive I tore at my own clothes in self-defense against the ever quickening … Continue reading

Dangerous Nostalgia by Ricky De La Rosa

Dangerous Nostalgia this isn’t what I came here to do this isnt what i came here to say somewhere between the bookshelves and the singalongs and the campfires and the funeral pyres and the mascara cascade on a wednesday when Jeni may or not be pregnant and the sunny thursday when veronica finds out that … Continue reading

The Architect by Renelle Pinero

The Architect I found you in the spoken word, with life unknown and stories unheard. Until the generosity subsides atop the waves of the waning tide. I think, I cry, begin to utter, the sound of my heart without a hesitant shudder. Unblinking eyes I’ve chosen my diction and call upon the chords with unquestioned … Continue reading

Jars of Change by Renelle Pinero

“Jars of Change” She stands rearranged with her jars of change and can’t turn the page though the novel is slain. She attacks the conclusion with entitled intrusion that’s distantly kept as an island illusion. Many inquire- curious, intrigued She grasps herself steady fighting battle fatigue. Now lightly past tension, no chase but progression patient … Continue reading

Heart Upon a Wall by Gus Johnson

Heart Upon a Wall When you hang there, your heart upon a wall for all to see, crimson calluses form in the open air. And if un-admired, untended, and unrequited; time fades both shade and feeling into something unrecognizable. An absurd picture you’ve painted, and forgotten at passing by, why you’ve hung it there in … Continue reading

Four Blocks (plus the one in my brain) by Gus Johnson

Four Blocks (plus the one in my brain) Two pieces of tiny dangling silver, like the flint and stone of jealousy, hung upon each lobe; which in turn drove him from the bar to the alley, and across the four city blocks back to a lonely bed. Two needles in the hay, come to surface … Continue reading

Inch by Inch

Progress! This project is receiving attention from some very amazing people in this town. More writers have been submitting their work and so far it is wonderful, thoughtful, interesting and creative stuff…more than I could have asked for! If you’re a writer and you’ve seen the “Call for Submissions” flyers around town/campus please know that … Continue reading